Advancing Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

The prevalence of substance abuse and compulsive behavior disorders is astonishingly high in congregations and religious communities. Pews are full of those whose lives are controlled and destroyed by the influence of addictions and substance abuse. Given the limits of training that religious leaders often receive, how can it be identified and what steps can be taken to deal effectively with it?

How does the church approach an effective response with a heart of kindness and mercy? Can a response be informed by a new theological understanding based on the language of the recovery community? Why is it that those in need so often back away from the faith community? How can religious leaders be equipped to be helpers to others, to find the right resources, and to lead those in need “home to God”?

The Hanley Family Foundation, Inc. (HFF) was created to advance the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism, chemical dependency and addictive behavior, including support for related research and education.

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