Presbyterians Endorse Faith Partners

Carol Pine, member of the Presbyterian Addiction Action Leadership Team, and co-facilitator of the Faith Partners team at her church, House of Hope Presbyterian, writes, “Our ministry is called Faith Partners and we are joined by more than 300 communities of faith around the U.S. who have decided to lift the veil of secrecy around addiction and offer hope for healthy recovery.” Faith Partners training for congregations that want to start their own ministries is available in several locations around the U.S.

The Presbyterians for Addiction Action leadership committee of the PHEWA has endorsed Faith Partners. It is a model of ministry that is sorely needed in congregations. Its special strength is voluntarism matched with pastoral support.

The team mission is the following: “The ‘House of Hope Faith Partners Ministry will serve the needs of our congregation, and the broader community, by addressing addiction in our midst. We will provide educational programs, resource information, outreach and support to people affected by addiction.’ Those of us in healthy recovery know that we are walking miracles. God has given us new life. The people who love and care about us give their gift of support. When a ‘church home’ offers sanctuary and healing compassion for its members, it is a church at its very best”.

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