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The development of Distance Learning Training Series as a service delivery model uses supplementary educational materials including ministry guides, a video series, PowerPoint Presentations, and additional training activities. This model will provide remote congregations with a cost-effective method to utilize the training, educational materials, and other resources of Faith Partners. These efforts can provide a unique ministry of presence in the areas of prevention, early intervention, referral assistance, recovery support, and advocacy in congregations that would otherwise not have any resources.

The Distance Learning Training Series can be purchased as a complete package, by phase, or by session. Please select your purchase choice and complete payment through PayPal. Once payment has been received, you will be sent codes to utilize the access links below.

Video Selections

Phase 1 Congregational Readiness description

For many individuals, spirituality and religion are important components for the prevention of and recovery from substance use disorders. The very nature of the faith community is a powerful healing force, but this intergenerational setting is often under-utilized in addressing prevention and recovery support across the life-span. This session speaks to the importance of the faith community in addressing substance use disorders.

Video 1 “The Role of Faith”

Video 1 description

Video 2 “Clergy Perspective”

Video 2 description

Video 3 “The Continuum of Use”

Video 3 description

Video 4 “Scope of the Ministry”

Video 5 “Team Roadmap”

Video 6 “Sample Activities”

Video 7 “Defining Readiness”

Video 8 “Readiness Tools & Strategies”

Video 9: “Building Congregational Support”

Video 10: “National Study”

Video 11 “Team Member Capacity”

Video 12: “Developing a Relational Ministry”

Video 13: “Personality Styles”

Video 14: “Team Developmental Stages”

Video 15: “Team Education”

Video 16: “Team Planning”

Video 17: Mission Statement”

Video 18: “Prevention Overview”

Video 19: “Risk & Protective Factors”

Video 20: “Measuring Your Results”

Video 21: “Stages of Change”

Video 22: “Behaviors of Concern”

Video 23: “Sharing Concern”

Video 24: “Making the Helpful Handoff”

Video 25: “Recovery Support Principles”

Video 26: Recovery Support Models”

Video 27: “Recovery Worship Service” (part one)

Video 28: “Recovery Worship Service” (part two)

Video 29: “Planning Your Steps”

Video 30: “Ministry Development & Promotion”

Video 31: “Team Development & Renewal”

Video 32: “Resource Development”

Introduction to the Series

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