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How does a community coalition mobilize faith communities?

  • Communication: continue on-going communication and keep up with the progress of each of the community stakeholders
  • Cooperation: Create an informal arrangement to work together to meet a common goal to assist in community prevention and long-term recovery.
  • Coordination: Establish a partnership that would coordinate service delivery and commit to update this connection on a regular basis.
  • Collaboration: Work together to implement and sustain an effort to develop and expand a coordinated service delivery system.
“Congregational community readiness is the extent that it is adequately prepared to implement a program or ministry. A congregation must have the support and commitment of its members and the needed resources to implement an effective effort. Because community readiness is a process, factors associated with it can be objectively assessed and systematically enhanced."
NIDA's Community Readiness for Drug Abuse Prevention: Issues, Tips and Tools
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