Faith Partners Research in National Journals

Faith Partners’ Executive Director Drew Brooks co-authored the original paper  Faith Communities’ Improvements in Readiness to Engage in Addictions Resilience and Recovery Support Programming. This paper has been published “online first” in the Journal of Religion & Health.  Spirituality and religion are well-documented components of prevention, treatment and recovery of substance use disorders. Faith communities are in a distinct position to support recovery and resilience regarding substance use disorders—not only in times of crisis, but every day. We conducted an exploratory study of congregational (i.e., organizational) “levers” that can drive change readiness in implementing recovery and resilience programming for substance use disorders within faith communities. Findings point to enhanced effectiveness post-intervention and the importance of developing awareness of resources to help with someone who has an alcohol or other drug problem.

Faith Partners published The Faith Community, Substance Abuse, and Readiness for Change: A National Study. This independently conducted research paper includes the results of their nation-wide study on the vital role that faith communities play in addressing substance abuse disorders. The study examines a theory-driven model of congregational readiness (defined as a faith community’s intention and preparedness to address and support recovery from substance use disorders) using a national cross-sectional study of 45 faith communities (composed of 3,649 members). This may give both on-going and newly emerging Faith Partners groups a great deal of professional credibility to leverage in their efforts at developing effective team responses. Download the entire paper from the Journal of Social Service Research.

So Help Me God

So Help Me God is a 2-year study by Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) examined the link between God, religion, and spirituality and substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery.

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