Faith Partners Virtual Addiction Survival Kit for Clergy and Pastoral Care Workers Training Omaha, Nebraska

to address substance use disorders, addiction, and related mental health issues

Workshop Description

The pandemic has magnified the need to address addiction and related mental health issues in our congregations and surrounding communities. One family in three has direct experience with someone suffering from addiction and often more with related mental health (MH) issues. The faith community can play a vital role in prevention and recovery; yet are sometimes reluctant or uncomfortable talking about these issues.

According the national study, “So Help Me God” from the National Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse of Columbia University: 94% of clergy surveyed consider substance abuse to be an important issue they face; 38% find alcohol abuse involved in half or more of the family problems they confront; 12% of clergy report having had any education on substance abuse in their seminary training.

An informed clergy, supported by committed and trained congregational members, has a tremendous opportunity to serve by addressing addiction problems in very early stages. Faith Partners has responded since 1995 offering clergy and lay-leadership useful tools and strategies, educational materials, and training for a team ministry that can serve the needs of the whole congregation. This team approach cultivates an informed, compassionate response to addiction through awareness, education, and recovery support right in your church! These important responses help create a safe, hospitable place that allows for hope, help, and healing.

Faith Partners has established a national presence resulting in well over 1,200 trained congregational teams in 30 states from 23 different faith traditions. These team members have ministered to thousands of individuals and families by offering the necessary tools and supports to build resilience and effectively meet people in their brokenness.

Goal: An interactive workshop to equip clergy and pastoral care workers with the needed knowledge and skills to develop an informed, compassionate response to addiction and related mental health issues and initiate congregational prevention and recovery support ministries.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this class, participants will be better able to:

  • Understand the impact of addiction on individuals, families, and congregations.
  • Utilize opportunities to educate & support those suffering from addiction and related mental health issues.
  • Demonstrate essential self-care skills when working with these ministries.
  • Describe how clergy, staff, and laity successfully work together in this vital ministry.

Please join us in this important work to address addiction and related mental health issues in our midst.


What: This training series is to equip clergy and pastoral care staff with an informed, effective response to addiction and related mental health issues and to understand their role in a lay team broader ministry.

Who: Clergy and Pastoral Care Staff

When: Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons, February 7th, 9th, 14th, and 16th from 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Where: The comfort of your own Home or Office (Virtual Training Series)

No Cost: THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS TRAINING because the program is funded by Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare of Omaha.  

More Information:
For more Team Training details, contact:

Drew Brooks of Faith Partners


Rev. Eulish Moore, Nebraska Faith Partners


Thank you to our Omaha Partners

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